How AI amplifies agency impact & expertise

By Dave Tan, Google MD: Performance Agency Development. How marketing and advertising agencies are multiplying their impact and expertise with AI-powered solutions.

By Dave Tan, Google MD: Performance Agency Development. The consumer journey is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly complex. As people discover, research, and purchase across an ever-growing number of channels, marketers need to keep pace by using artificial intelligence (AI) to reach them wherever they are. But while investing in the same AI-powered solutions your competitors use may be enough to keep up, it won’t put you on the cutting edge.

As critical partners for brands, agencies can help marketing teams gain a real competitive advantage by combining AI with human expertise. In this guide, you’ll see how agencies have unleashed the full power AI offers by pairing it with their unique skills and insights. In each section, we offer real-world stories of how agencies are using AI to advance their clients’ marketing objectives.

1. The value of AI

Learn how agencies can be vanguards that combine their expertise with the power of AI to increase ROI and business growth. In uncertain times, agencies can provide even more value by leveraging AI to keep pace with changing consumer behaviour.

2. Multiply expertise

See how agencies can guide data and measurement strategies, develop full-funnel marketing plans, and create a test-and-learn culture to drive better business outcomes.

3. Optimise AI

In addition to expanding into new strategic areas, agencies are also pivoting their approaches to campaign management. Learn ways in which agencies are focusing on the inputs they can provide to steer AI and maximise results.

4. Rethink budget and bidding

Check out how agencies are helping brands scale successful campaigns against finance-approved ROI thresholds. In addition, see how innovative agencies are leveraging AI to further maximise budget agility across channels in real time, and adopting value-based bidding to optimise for KPIs like profit and customer lifetime value.

5. Reimagine audiences and creative

Explore how agencies are using the latest innovations in AI to not only convert demand, but also to uncover entirely new customer segments and pockets of demand across digital channels. Also, discover how agencies are taking an assets-based approach to creative and using AI’s ability to optimise and find the best-performing combinations.

6. Surface insights

See how agencies are using tools like the Insights page in Google Ads to quickly curate and surface learnings, such as new audiences to target with relevant messaging. Learn how advanced agencies are also leveraging predictive capabilities, which use modelling to identify which users are most likely to purchase or churn based on historical data.

Explore each Chapter in the guide.


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