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#OnShelf: From smooth lips to smooth co-branding

by Louise Burgers. From secret smiles to secret branding – we’re heading for summer fun and healthy living.

by Louise Burgers. Another smooth(ie) cross-branding collaboration, this time between Vodacom and Kauai; a Softlips promo for our ‘secret smiles’; and Red Bull launches a new flavour – but it’s also a secret.

Vodacom and Kauai in a healthy partnership

To make healthy eating more accessible, Kauai has entered into a partnership with Vodacom’s newly launched VodaBucks Rewards Programme. Vodacom customers will be instantly rewarded daily with free smoothies and other healthy rewards from Kauai. Dean Kowarski, CEO of Real Foods, Kauai’s parent company, says: “Healthy eating is an integral part of supporting general and immune health, which is why Kauai wants to make healthy eating as easy, convenient and accessible as possible. We are delighted to partner with Vodacom to make our smoothies, organic coffees and healthy meals available to Vodacom’s loyal customer base of over 24 million subscribers, as this is a great way to invite more South Africans to eat healthily and join the health food revolution. We are serious about making a meaningful impact to the nutrition of South Africans, and we believe that our partnership with Vodacom will allow us to introduce healthy eating to a much broader audience.”

More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system, making this new partnership even more relevant. Vodacom customers can receive instant Kauai rewards daily through the VodaBucks Rewards Programme, with the ‘Daily Shake’ and with VodaBucks in the online store.

Moisturise and smile anyway

Even though our smiles are hidden by our masks in these crazy times, that’s no reason to neglect moisturising our lips; so SoftLips has launched a double offering with a savings promotion of 30%. Mentholatum SA, the health and wellness company that distributes of the lip therapy brand, has announced the launch of its Softlips Duo pack in its most popular flavours of French Vanilla and Raspberry Rush. Commenting, Angelica Hendricks, assistant brand manager, said Softlips had attracted and retained, a loyal consumer base over many years, with many customers sharing memories from their school days. “It really is the type of product that appeals to multiple age groups.” Rich in Vitamin E, gluten free and with a SPF factor of 20 that protects the lips from UVA and UVB rays thus preventing dry, burnt or chapped lips; the brand has a unique glide-on formula that can be worn either over or under lipstick without melting in the sun. The newly launched Duo offering is available at Clicks, Dis-Chem and independent pharmacies nationwide at a recommended Retail Sale Price (RSP) of R49.95 while stocks last. Of course, since no one can actually see our smiles under our ghastly masks these days, just do it for you until we are free again (and add lashings of mascara to make your eyes pop – Ed’s advice).

Red Bull launches watermelon flavour

That’s all I’ve got, I’m afraid: Red Bull launches Watermelon flavour. Since the PR firm or marketing department that kindly dropped off a sample pack of the new flavour, didn’t include a press release, pack shots or any other information. Just a card with the most saccharine copywriting on summer activities, like “catching rays” and “splashing about”; so ensure you have a can of this new flavour for “every adventure that waits”. So there – the ad would have you believe you can have adventures if you drink this product. You will have to make up your own mind because I can’t tell you anything more about it, other than the cans are red and shiny and it tastes a bit like cough syrup. Probably best to mix it with champagne like I used to do in my clubbing days long long ago in a galaxy far far away. Anyway, I put my dog in the pic I took to make it more interesting. Her name is Chloe and she is a very sweet sausage dog who thinks she is a cat; and loves sleeping in the sun on the dining room table and barking at the birds flying by.

[UPDATE: Clearly intent on maintaining the mystery, a Red Bull press release finally arrived from the PR company yesterday, and explains the new flavour launch as such: “Delivering a refreshing take on the taste of the classic Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull Summer Edition Watermelon will begin hitting shelves just in time for the warmer days ahead, available for a limited time only.”]



Louise Burgers (previously Marsland) is the Publisher and Editor and Co-Founder of RetailingAfrica.com. She has spent over 20 years writing about the FMCG retailing, marketing, media and advertising industry in South Africa and on the African continent. She has specialised in local and Africa consumer trends and is a passionate Afro-optimist who believes it is Africa’s time to rise again and that the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) will be a global gamechanger in the next decade.


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