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#OnShelf: In the bag

by Louise Burgers. A sustainable collab between Coke and Kipling produces a new fashion range of bags; Nando’s is busy adding spice to home cooking with its Bag & Bake range; and a new packaged home baking range, uBaked, launches for direct delivery.

by Louise Burgers. A sustainable collab between Coke and Kipling produces a new fashion range of bags; Nando’s is busy adding spice to home cooking with its Bag & Bake range; and a new home baking range, uBaked, launches.

Kipling makes iconic fashionable bags from PET bottles

Fashion brand Kipling, which is sold in-store at Frasers, has partnered with Coca-Cola to produce an iconic range of bags in their ‘Live Light Responsibly’ campaign. The Kipling/Coca-Cola collab uses material from PET bottles – 272,129 of them now saved from landfill – woven into durable ripstop material in Coca-Cola’s famous red and white. Kipling knows that we are responsible for the impact our products have on the planet and are committed to “Live Light” by constantly reimagining designs, rethinking material, repurposing energy, and reconnecting to people and the planet. This collaboration for the Kipling SS21 collection, is a refreshed and hip take on the brand’s efforts to be more responsible. All the new designs in the collab have zipper pulls inspired by aluminium can pull tabs. For the collab, Kipling’s versatile Art Mini bag has a more subtle 3D embossed detail, reminiscent of the bubbly effervescence of the soft drink, with the Coca-Cola logo peering through.

New Nando’s Bag & Bake range

The new Nando’s new Bag & Bake products aim to spice up home cooking with Nando’s infused Peri-Peri spices and make adulting a little easier. With Nando’s new Bag & Bake oven roasting parchment bags, a spicy meal can be ready in 30 minutes. Vanessa Nunes, marketing manager, Nando’s Grocery Division says, “The best part is you get to play with that Nando’s PERi-PERi flavour in your own home cooking. Whether you like it medium, hot or with lemon and herb, we are excited to help take the chore out of dinner time while still making it an event to look forward to.” Nando’s Bag & Bake range can be found at all major grocery stores and is available in Lemon & Herb, Medium, and Hot, for R21.99 retail.

uBaked is calling all home chefs

Local start-up uBaked brings baking excellence into the home. As the preference for online shopping and supporting local business continues to grow, consumers increasingly seek out businesses that provide fresh, quality products with convenient delivery options. Meeting this need, local start-up uBaked has explored a concept in home baking and now provides customers with a convenient, premium bake-in-a-box service offering, delivered directly to their doorsteps. Carey-Anne Robson, the founder of uBaked, shares the intention behind her brand: “I wanted to bring my love of baking right into your home and make it simple. I’ve selected some of my favourite recipes and designed these boxes with love, to allow customers to create these delicious bakes with minimal fuss and planning, and most importantly, without having to leave home.” uBaked does the hard work so its customers don’t have to, allowing them to effortlessly bake Insta-worthy cakes from the comfort of their homes. uBakers only need to add eggs, butter and water. What sets uBaked apart is the premium packaging and styling of its baking boxes, which aim to surprise and delight consumers. The product range includes: Dreamy Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting; Fancy Vanilla Cupcakes; Gourmet Chocolate Tart; Luscious Chocolate Sponge Cake with Chocolate Ganache; Plaited Honey Bread; Tarty Lemon Meringue Pie; Classic Milk Tart; and a Two-in-One Cookie Box.



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