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#OnShelf: New nutricosmetics brand launches

by Louise Burgers. Nutricosmetic brand, My Beauty Luv, launches in SA; BrandMapp finds out that middle-class South Africans drink more gin than beer; and Vans skateboards into Ghana.

by Louise Burgers. Nutricosmetic brand, My Beauty Luv, launches in SA; BrandMapp finds out that middle-class South Africans drink more gin than beer; and Vans skateboards into Ghana.

Nutricosmetic brand, My Beauty Luv, launches in SA

The award-winning luxury consumer brand, My Beauty Luv, offers a range of professional-grade beauty supplements that target the most sought-after areas of wellness: anti-ageing, longevity, and vitality. The nutricosmetic brand formulates unique, market-driven, and related beauty and wellness supplements made from the finest grade raw materials. All formulas are free from binders, fillers, preservatives, colourants, artificial flavours, and chemicals. My Beauty Luv also partners with the world’s leading international scientific institutes that are producing cutting-edge technology in the fields of beauty, health, and wellness. The brand is one of the first in South Africa to make collagen available in capsule form, using ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients that are locally tested at FDA-approved labs. Ahead of its official launch, it has appointed Hook Line & Sinker (HLS) to oversee and manage all PR and media relations activities to officially launch and introduce the brand to the South African market.

Vans skates into Ghana

Vans opened Ghana’s first skatepark recently, supporting The Surf Ghana Collective and the important work they’re doing for the local West African communities. The Freedom Skatepark, located at East Legon, intends to organise various art and sporting events, including workshops, mentoring programs, art exhibitions and other skate competitions for the African continent. Further plans include the development of a Wi-Fi Cafe and a skate shop, which is expected to be in full operation by the first quarter of 2022. The mission is to create and sustain a sports infrastructure by involving the youth at every stage to provide job opportunities in various sectors, such as sports and tourism for them to excel. Vans is working with The Surf Ghana Collective to ensure skateboarding and surfing are as accessible as possible for the local community.

Gin more popular than beer for middle-class-and-up in SA

A whopping 76% of middle-class-and-up South African adults drink alcohol. Wine has always been the drink consumed by the largest number of adults, but over the past four years, gin has taken over second spot on the drinking podium, according to research from BrandMapp. Director of storytelling for BrandMapp, Brandon de Kock, explains: “Worldwide, the strong gin marketing trend has been readily taken up by consumers. With our historic, artful distilling skills, we were able to quickly capitalise on the interest in craft gins; and with our unique fynbos botanicals to hand, South African gin has blossomed. But I think the main reason for its fast rise in popularity has a lot to do with the fact that it’s gender-agnostic. It appeals equally to men and women, so it’s appealing to 100% of the market – unlike other categories like beer and cider that are typically sharply divided on gender.” BrandMapp is a massive annual survey of more than 33,000 South Africans living in households with a R10 000+ monthly household income. The survey focuses on a 30% segment of the population who are relatively, moderately to very wealthy. It’s a sample representing 100% of the country’s taxpayers and 80% of consumer income, and therefore spend, in the formal economy.

CAMPAIGN: Nothing fishy about NOMU

Some sassy brand advertising from NOMU, capitalising on the salty debate around the discontinuation of fish paste brands in South Africa, with this promo flyer distributed on social media.


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