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#OnShelf: What’s in a smile?

by Louise Burgers. Is happiness possible in a mug? L’Or coffee brand thinks so. But if not, there’s the new slim jean range from G-Star; or smiles from cricketer JP Duminy as he inks a deal with The Crazy Store.

by Louise Burgers. Is happiness possible in a mug? L’Or coffee brand thinks so. But if not, there’s the new slim jean range from G-Star; or smiles from cricketer JP Duminy as he inks a deal with The Crazy Store.

Does coffee make you happy?

It’s World Happiness Day this weekend, 20 March, and L’Or coffee brand’s PR firm have told them they can capitalise on this special day, by promoting their coffees. It’s a stretch, but hey, we need to take our happiness where we find it in these dark days of war and plague. “In fact, no matter if it is World Happiness Day or just a random Monday, we should always look to do things that make us happy,” comments Thokozane Radebe, brand manager for coffee brand L’Or. “So, if it makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone else, go ahead and do it.” L’Or’s range of coffee pod variants come in espresso, Americano, flat white, cappuccino and latte flavours. Kudos to the PR writer for finding some research that actually says coffee can make you happy: ‘according to Gary L Wenk, author of Your Brain on Food, coffee makes us feel so good because it can tap into virtually every reward system our brain has created; and Harvard’s School of Public Health, found that people who drink coffee become more positive about their lives’. So, live your best live and drink coffee, apparently.

Recyclable wheelie bin reduces rubber waste

The recyclable Wheelie Bin project emerged from the global concept of having a circular approach to products, components, and materials in the economy, whereby recycled material is used to manufacture new products. “Rubber from the old end-of-life rubber wheels went to our already overflowing landfill sites. Millions of end-of-life tyres are currently either being disposed of or illegally dumped, with only small amounts being recycled,” says Lance Kallis, environmental manager of Mpact Plastic Containers. The 100% recyclable plastic wheel for municipal wheelie bins was developed by Mpact Plastic Containers in 2019 and commercial production commenced in 2020. Rubber takes between 50 to 80 years to decompose. Many municipalities have adopted these new 100% recyclable bins and have received positive feedback. The circular process begins with new plastic wheels being manufactured locally at Mpact Plastic Containers. Once complete, the bins are then assessed by the quality department, and delivered to the customer for use. When the bin reaches end-of-life, it can also be returned and recycled into new products. In this way, both the bins and wheels are turned into new products.

G-Star RAW denim trends

A good pair of denims should be a staple in any wardrobe. Not only for functionality, comfort, and durability but great style. Latest runway shows have been laden with denim trends, in keeping of course, with the more relaxed styles adopted during two years of lockdown and remote working. At least it’s one step up from grungy sweatpants. Unfortunately, high-waisted ‘mom’ jeans are back, but maybe this is just in keeping with the trend towards comfort, hence the more baggy and androgynous look all round. G-Star RAW highlights its slim fit Type 49 jean on the hips as a counterattack on boring fugly ‘mom’ jeans; as well as its “genuine boyfriend fit” jeans; and Deck denims with a high-waist for those who want it.


CAMPAIGN: Crazy Store is a good sport

The Crazy Store has secured a year-long strategic brand partnership with SA cricket legend, JP Duminy. The Crazy Store, with 430 stores nationwide, says Duminy embodies its values. “JP Duminy is a South African sporting icon who embodies the meaning of family, philanthropy, and excellence. His values strongly align with The Crazy Store’s own. We couldn’t be more excited for this collaborative year with JP and the JP21 Foundation,” says The Crazy Store MD, Kevin Lennett. JP Duminy is currently the Lions Cricket Franchise batting consultant; and was recently appointed as a strategic consultant to the Proteas National Team at the Cricket World Cup. As an avid runner, the partnership kicked off with Duminy promoting The Crazy Store’s Lighthouse Ten Night Race at the beginning of March after a two-year Covid hiatus.


Main image credit: Supplied by L’Or.




Louise Burgers is the Publisher and Editor and Co-Founder of RetailingAfrica.com. She has spent over 20 years writing about the FMCG retailing, marketing, media and advertising industry in South Africa and on the African continent. She has specialised in local and Africa consumer trends and is a passionate Afro-optimist who believes it is Africa’s time to rise again and that the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) will be a global gamechanger in the next decade.


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