On Shelf: Smothered in chocolate and deep fried… babies?!

by Louise Burgers. Pudding for breakfast, Easter chocolate campaigns and fried babies… Latest new product launches, activations and seen in store and online.

by Louise Burgers. Pudding for breakfast, Easter chocolate campaigns and fried babies…

Fair Cape launches layered dessert range

When I was a kid, I always used to try convince my mother that it made no difference if we had pudding first and dinner after. She wasn’t buying it. Then we grew up and give up pudding altogether. Until along comes Fair Cape which takes its dairy range and makes it into pudding so we can pretend it’s actually breakfast. Fair Cape Dairies has launched its new layered dessert range with fresh fruit and its hormone-antibiotic-free dairy products. There are three variants available: Stewed fruit layered with custard and white chocolate mousse; Mixed berries layered with custard and white chocolate mousse; Guava layered with custard and white chocolate mousse. Definitely breakfast. Okay, not really, but since we’re all grownups here, who cares if we have dessert for breakfast! The pack size is 150ml and there are six per tray.

Easter marshmallow eggs scramble for market share

Since Easter was already on shelf in January in some supermarkets (*side eye to Pick n Pay*), we might as well start punting the Easter ranges already, and of course Cadbury is right up there with its eye-catching purple packs, complete with purple mallow-centered eggs. I suppose if Beacon can do pink centres and Woolies can have hamsters with reindeer horns for Christmas, why not purple-centered eggs? The purple marshmallow chocolate eggs are called Cadbury Fluffies. What else do we need? World Peace? We have chocolate Fluffies.

Cadbury  also have two hollow eggs, one filled with Whispers and the other with Astros. And Fluffy the bunny, Felix the fox and Squeak the squirrel are back. No unicorns. But there are competitions for consumers to drive up sales and make a crack at Beacon’s dominance of the chocolate marshmallow egg market at Easter, which these days starts right after Christmas. It’s a competitive category. Unbeatable.

Zombie apocalypse comes early to Pick n Pay

In the latest installment of “found on the interwebs” and “WTF-age” here’s one doing the rounds on Twitter and published by Good Things Guy on Facebook this week: Pick n Pay is apparently selling Fried Babies on special. Not sure if they are low-carb babies, I would think definitely high in fat, being deep fried, and certainly not vegan. Sorry vegans. So, hurry while stocks last, only R8.99 per 100g of Fried Baby. Sounds like a bargain.


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