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#OnShelf: New products for home sanitising & senior petcare

by Louise Burgers. A new household sanitising range from Chemico; Montego caters for older pets; and Tru-Cape finds success with TikTok marketing campaigns.

by Louise Burgers. A new household sanitising range from Chemico; Montego caters for older pets; and Tru-Cape finds success with TikTok marketing campaigns.

Chemico launches sanitising range

South African homecare cleaning brand, Chemico has launches a new sanitising range, Chemico Health Guard. The new Chemico Health Guard range includes the Chemico formula boasting 3X extreme clean with added germ protection. The new range can be used in any room in the house, as well as out of the home if required. The new range will include a multi-purpose cleaner, multi-purpose thick bleach; kitchen cleaner; bathroom cleaner; tile & floor cleaner; surface spray; and a hygiene fogger available in a 350ml option suitable for large rooms, offices, and buses – and a 145ml option for small rooms, cars and taxis. The new ranges is available at most major retail outlets.

Montego expands Karoo range

Montego Pet Nutrition has launched a new protein alternative, limited-ingredient diet for adult dogs and cats. Montego has extended their super premium Karoo range to specially cater for pets with specific health needs. While chicken is a great protein source that provides essential amino acids to support strong muscles and enhanced energy, up to 25% of dogs and an even higher percentage of cats can experience an adverse reaction to it, making a protein alternative a must. This is why a duo protein range is needed for easing any digestive disorders and intolerances, soothing delicate stomachs and helping to alleviate skin sensitivities. The extended Karoo range for special health needs is available in three new variants. Montego Karoo Venison & Lamb for adult dogs and Montego Karoo Trout & Lamb for adult cats offer a hypoallergenic solution to cats and dogs which  may suffer from allergies; and Montego Karoo Beef & Lamb with added collagen for adult dogs supports muscle development, tendon and bone strength while keeping a dog’s skin healthy. Montego Karoo Protein Alternative recipes are available in 1.75 kg bags at a RRP of R98.00.

Tru-Cape turns to TikTok for Kanzi apple campaign

Following the success of the 2020 campaign where Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing used TikTok to engage consumers with a campaign that was globally recognised and referenced for its innovation in a CNN feature, the company again is turning to this interactive medium. For Tru-Cape, the largest exporter of South African apples and pears, and wholly owned by its growers at Ceres Fruit Growers and Two-a-Day in Grabouw, this short-form animated social-media channel helps reach a younger demographic who favour the platform. Tru-Cape’s marketing director, Conrad Fick says that using TikTok, which reaches about six million people in South Africa, and fits within the company’s strategy to engage younger users, has proved successful. “Tru-Cape invested substantially in creating our own digital edutainment apps and games, Fruit-Full, Fruit-Match and Tru-Sort, all freely available to download, that not only engage users but also educate them about the challenges faced in growing, sorting, packing and distributing South African apples and pears. So, using a technology platform such as TikTok fits within this strategy. With the use of TikTok, Facebook and Instagram we have created a sound and video-based user-generated campaign to increase brand awareness and sales during the current Kanzi campaign period until July 19. The social-media campaign is coupled with in-store tastings in 30 stores around the country in July of apple variety, Kanzi,” Fick says.


Main image credit: Chemico.



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