Sanet Yelland
Sanet Yelland

New drivers for shopper value

by Sanet Yelland. While time and cost are the most critical components in online delivery success factors, chasing online shopper loyalty is key.

by Sanet Yelland. In a clear move to deliver increasing value and improve the shopper delivery experience with Pick n Pay, a rebrand of its Bottles App to ‘Pick n Pay ASAP!’ is now in the market. The strategic intent behind the online delivery partnership consolidation to rebrand shows the power of partnership and the delivery promise vision ahead. “I just wanted to let you know that the bottles app that you have been using is now Pick n Pay ASAP! We have changed the name to line up better with our great range of groceries and more that we offer in the app,” John Bradshaw, head of omnichannel Pick n Pay, said in an email to customers.

What’s behind the value proposition?

The strategy delivers a very clear promise of intent in a really simple and relatable word: “ASAP”.  In a world of increasing demand from shoppers for real-time, immediate delivery access, and better service delivery differentiators, the tongue-in-cheek ASAP! addresses shoppers’ triggers rather cleverly. Let’s unpack the brand premise:

  • ASAP has an authenticity to the name and the promise behind what Pick n Pay stands for, inspiring consumers and shoppers alike.
  • ASAP also doesn’t over-promise in a time frame that may not always be possible. It says, “We are always aiming to do our best, ASAP.”
  • Fairly open to interpretation of time demand – urgencies are not always alike with shoppers, baskets and delivery – I can manage within a reality of ASAP.
  • The human face behind the brand – ASAP feels relevant, quirky, innovative and has a talkability to it, underpinned by a strong will and intent to deliver fully integrated rewards and omnichannel loyalty solutions.

While some might question the online wars space for the online basket against the Checkers Sixty60 value promise, it remains to be seen how the online delivery value differentiation might look to shoppers in the future.

When Checkers Sixty60 launched, the focus of the promise to shoppers was also rather clever – an app that looked around at your options and decided that getting your groceries tomorrow is so yesterday. The value is in knowing it’s only 60 minutes (time-based value in speed reassurance). The app offers a range that grows weekly and prices that stay in check, and is backed by real-time shoppers in-store, a simple billing system, and a reliable delivery crew. Focusing on time that has value to it (not just in delivery), but what you can do better when you have more – Sixty60 is an app that gives you more time to do the things you really want to do; more me-time, more screen time, more time at the gym. Hey, we don’t mind what you do what all that extra time; we just like knowing that you’ve got it.

Chasing online loyalty

1. Transparent delivery transactions: While time and cost are the most critical components in online delivery success factors; knowing that there are measures in place for simple transactions that could go wrong; as well as turnaround speed to resolution, are becoming increasingly important to shoppers. There is still very much a need to know service experience intertwined in the entire value chain. Personalised technology that accurately pinpoints arrival dates and allows retailers to collaborate with carriers should be a priority; while still building flexible solutions should shoppers change their order or route or time.

2. Going the extra mile: Once shoppers have experienced value in fast delivery, lower costs and improved service as key builders to trust; to now further create differentiation can come through the surprise and delight factor. This can be through unexpected value offers, personalised discounts on products not anticipated, or even a simple gesture to show shoppers that you remove pain points and barriers.

3. Build integrated value streams: The true value of the online delivery systems doesn’t just lie in the online basket fulfilment or luring new shoppers into online ordering. It’s about deepening the value proposition across the entire spectrum of shopper transactions. From added mobility, payments and loyalty transactions, if a retailer can own the customer outright from an end to end stream of value, the value of the customer lifestyle gains far more value and momentum. Better in-app experiences can be tailored and boosted with customer loyalty programs, and AI technology can fuel better rewards and behaviour analysis.

I’m quite excited to see where the value chain amplifies the combination of real-time, on-demand and accessible product solutions. More shoppers require retailers to rethink barriers in the service chain (online and offline), so a completely seamless service coupled with innovative, and  “unexpected and novel” experiences, will always be a future forward-focused retail reality.


Main image credit: Photo by Maria Lin Kim on Unsplash.



Sanet Yelland is the CEO and founder of Streamline Advertising, a full service agency. She has worked across the industry for 30 years, on clients within financial services, wholesale, retail, FMCG and government sectors on notable brands, including Massmart, Dis-chem, SAA, City of Johannesburg, Nedbank, Absa Bank, and Pick ‘n Pay (Score Supermarkets and RiteValue brands). Yelland started the Young Community Shapers initiative in 2000. This project acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing funding, bursaries, and mentorship.


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