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by Louise Burgers. There have been several ads looking ahead to a time when we can celebrate the important things in life, post-lockdown, when things are better.

by Louise Burgers. There have been several ads looking ahead to a time when we can celebrate the important things in life, post-lockdown. It is hopeful in times when the light ahead is still dim.

Scottish Leader creates TV show with Moonchild

Whiskey brand Scottish Leader is launching a TV show exploring how people see the world differently to entertain both its existing fan base and potential consumers tuning in, and enhance the relationship with both. Called Madness Method, the show will be hosted by musician and reality TV star Moonchild Sanelly. With the help of a unique deck of cards and a masked mixologist, Moonchild will interview a mystery guest every Friday night at 21h30 on BET Africa (channel 129 on DStv). According Jon Savage of HaveYouHeard, which created the show for their client Scottish Leader, “Madness Method perfectly showcases the powerful thinking between HaveYouHeard and a great brand that sees the world differently,” he said. “It’s an irreverent talk show that breaks all conventions, is full of surprises and platforms the most raw and real discussions you’ll ever hear from local celebrities.” The guest list is a secret and each week, clues will be released on Scottish Leader’s social media platforms so that fans can guess who’ll be playing cards with Moonchild. View the trailer here.

NEW CAMPAIGN: Can you taste post-lockdown life?

Orbit gum wants you to be able to taste life when we are out of lockdown. In a new campaign For When It’s Time to return to life post-lockdown, it plays into the fantasy we all have about what we want to do once this total pandemic shi*tshow is over. This is what the brand says: “For the past 18 months South Africans have been fantasising about life post lockdown, and now that the country is fully engaged in the vaccination programme, it seems within our grasp. We are finally entering a space where we can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and get motivated to immerse ourselves into living our best lives yet. This ad depicts the moment when lockdown comes to an end, in a humorous, exaggerated way that gives South Africans a much-needed boost of hope, that (responsible) socialising is indeed on the horizon.” According to Andi Wright, marketing director at Mars, “The whole aim of this advert is to boost the mood of those watching it and bring back that energy that most of us left behind in 2019. Gum instantly makes one feel fresh, and after 18 months of limited interactions, fresh is what we want to feel.” Watch the ad here.

PROMOTION: Christmas in July

It was Christmas in July for OneDayOnly.co.za customers and the online deals site sent these decorative Christmas cookies out to the media promoting the specials. They made the elves in my household very merry!


Main image credit: DSTV.com.



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