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#OnShelf: The future of meat in store

by Louise Burgers. The Future Farm new plant based meat range for Checkers; and new leisure and sportswear store launches from adidas and new online brand, Weli-N.

by Louise Burgers. A new plant based meat range for Checkers;  adidas prioritises women’s sportswear in stand-alone store; and a new online sportswear brand, Weli-N launches. I love how leisure and sportswear is gaining prominence as lockdown fashion is all about comfort and health; as well as all the new healthy food ranges coming in store. I hope this all has positive sustainability vibes for the planet too.

Plant-based meat range for Checkers

Brazil-based Future Farm has launched its plant-based meats range to South Africa through Checkers. Future Farm aims to drive a worldwide movement to eat less meat. The brand’s Future Burger, Future Sausage, Future Meatballs and Future Mince are eco-friendly, GMO-free, gluten-free, Halaal, and with all-natural ingredients. Pedro Zuim, marketing director for Future Farm says, “By replicating the same satisfaction we get from eating meat, using plants, we have revolutionised food in a way that is good for the people, the planet, and your plate. We aim to make Future Farm a truly global brand and improve the world through nutrition.” Launched in 2019 as Fazenda Futuro, by Marcos Leta and Alfredo Strechinsky, the young company started by convincing its native Brazil, the third biggest meat-eating nation in the world, to adopt meatless burgers as a lifestyle choice. Only three months after launching they attracted USD 8.5 million in investment through the venture capital fund Monashee Capital Inc. to expand their operations. Future Farm products are now available in 18 countries around the world, including the UAE, UK, Germany, and Netherlands. They intend to double this number by the end of 2021. Their products taste, feel and look like meat, yet use only natural plant ingredients – including chickpea, pea and soy protein, with beetroot as colouring.

adidas women’s store pop-up goes permanent

The adidas Women’s Store in Canal Walk Shopping Centre in Cape Town started as a pop-up store in August 2020, and is relaunching into a fully-inclusive and highly-considered premium shopping experience for women. One of the driving forces behind the transformation, is the input given by a group of female advisors, representing different demographics, cultures and areas of expertise. In addition to this, the adidas team in South Africa took key learnings from the opening of the first adidas women’s store, which opened in Dubai in July this year, while staying locally relevant through collaborations with local fashionistas and artists. The company also implemented changes based on direct feedback from consumers. Kate Woods, senior brand director at adidas South Africa, says, “The women’s store is a natural progression of our brand’s commitment to continually deliver new and innovative concepts. It highlights our intention to be the number one brand for women across both sport and sport lifestyle. Our first showcase is Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Collection.”

New online sportswear brand

Weli N is a sportswear brand offering gym and casual sportswear to both men and women. It is 100% female owned and offers quality, style and comfort to both men and women. The brand has just launched its online store, offering a selection of gym and casual sportswear.





Main image credit: Future Farm.


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