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#OnShelf: A bold new Coke flavour

by Louise Burgers. A new Coke flavour (*side-eyes* social media); a ‘kindful’ toothbrush; and new launches from Deep Heat.

by Louise Burgers. Coca-Cola dives into the treacherous waters of new formulas for favourites with a new recipe for No Sugar coke; there’s a new sustainable toothbrush with a new made up word for its brand campaign; and Deep Heat launches convenient new pack sizes.

Coca-Cola launches new No Sugar

Coca-Cola is launching Coca-Cola No Sugar, a “more delicious, refreshing recipe” in a can redesign – a red can with black Spencerian script font. The newly improved adaptation, which aims to please the existing Coca-Cola No Sugar fanbase, will replace the current variant and will see a full nationwide distribution starting this month. All ingredients remain the same, except for the blend of further flavours that Coca-Cola says will improve the overall flavour. “We have seen accelerated growth of the Coca-Cola No Sugar brand in South Africa since launching the new recipe in 2016. The change in packaging is a momentous step for us. Product design is one of the first tangible elements that a consumer engages with. We want everyone who comes into contact with the Coca-Cola No Sugar improved formulation to have an all-encompassing experience,” said Michelle Cloete, frontline marketing director, Coca-cola South Africa franchise. “The introduction of Coca-Cola No Sugar is in line with more comprehensive actions the company is undertaking to evolve our recipes, help reduce sugar in its soft drink portfolio and offer consumers a choice of low and no-sugar drinks, including smaller pack sizes.”

A kinder toothbrush for the environment

The Kindbrush, an environmentally-friendly oral care brand, offers a stylish and sustainable alternative for oral care essentials made from biodegradable and recyclable elements such as bamboo and glass. Chrismarié Barnardt, registered Dental Hygienist and founder of the Kindbrush, says the philosophy behind her brand, is, “‘kindfulness’ – being kind and mindful about one’s own wellbeing, that of others and of the planet.” She explains her motivation: “Plastic  toothbrushes and floss dispensers can take more than 400 years to decompose. This means that the very first plastic toothbrush and floss dispenser ever produced – and every single one thereafter – still exists today. What’s more, marine researchers estimate that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.” She hopes her Kindbrush range will appeal to people who care about their dental health and are passionate about reducing their plastic footprint. The product range includes a toothbrush with an ethically-sourced bamboo-handle and recyclable, charcoal-infused nylon bristles; eco-friendly dental floss made from a 100% biodegradable corn-derived fibre in a refillable glass dispenser; and a 100% natural vegan-friendly lip balm. Kindbrush supports Develop Dental, an NGO striving to increase access to quality dental care and education around oral health amongst children in under-resourced communities in and around Cape Town.

Deep Heat launches convenient new pack sizes

Mentholatum SA, a health and wellness company and the makers of Deep Heat and Deep Freeze, has announced the launch of its single (one use) applications across its Deep Heat and Deep Freeze ranges. To offer consumers both affordable and convenient pain relief solutions, Deep Heat Muscle Massage Cream and Deep Freeze Cold Rub are now available in 15g sachets with the Deep Freeze Cold Patch now also available as a single patch (in addition to its original package of x4). “By introducing our new offering of 15g sachets and single patch, our goal is to have our pain relief solutions be more readily available to a much wider audience,” says Joanna Nel, brand manager for both the Deep Heat and Deep Freeze products. The 15g sachets and single patches will be available at various retail outlets nationwide including forecourts, spaza shops and wholesalers or via the Mentholatum SA online shop.




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