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#OnShelf: Christmas won’t be cancelled

by Louise Burgers. Retailers are rushing to reassure consumers that there will be enough stock for Black Friday and Christmas, despite global supply chain disruptions.

by Louise Burgers. Retailers are rushing to reassure consumers that there will be enough stock for Black Friday and Christmas, despite global supply chain disruptions.

Shoprite and Checkers have 45% more toys in stock this festive season 

Despite global supply chain constraints, the Shoprite Group and largest supermarket toy retailer in South Africa, has managed to secure 45% more stock than last year, ensuring consumers of a wide range of the most affordable toys this festive season. Special deals for loyalty card shoppers are included. Some of the toys available at Shoprite and Checkers supermarkets this festive season include: My Garden Baby Giggle & Crawl Baby Butterfly, Rainbocorns, Baggy Buddies (exclusive to Checkers), Rainbow Kids (exclusive to Checkers), Hot Wheels Energy Track Set (exclusive to Checkers), Savage T-Rex Storage Case, Savage Dinosaurs with Sound (4-pack).

KWV makes history at Veritas Awards 2021

KWV made history at the Veritas Awards 2021 when it became the first recipient of a perfect, 100-point score for a brandy in the 31-year history of this esteemed competition. This achievement was awarded to KWV Brandy’s 15-year Alambic Blend Potstill Brandy. In addition, KWV Brandy also outperformed all other distillers in the brandy category when it took home four Double Gold and one Gold medal. With scores ranging from 93 to 100, KWV’s Double Gold winners are: KWV 3-year-old Finest Blend, KWV 10-year-old Potstill Brandy, KWV 20-year Potstill Brandy and KWV 15-year Alambic Blend Potstill Brandy. Also hitting the 90+ mark was KWV’s 5-year-old Superior Blend Brandy, which received a Gold medal. KWV Master Distiller, Pieter de Bod, and his team are ecstatic. The KWV 15-year Alambic Blend Potstill Brandy is one of the most awarded brandies in the world and is of a standard that is recognised and celebrated by connoisseurs globally. “To receive 100-points, the first perfect score in the 31-year history of Veritas, is unbelievable recognition of my whole team’s commitment and passion to always give their best. I am super proud of my team and thankful to Veritas for this incredible honour,” said De Bod.

Bernini glows with a new look

Bernini, the natural sparkling grape Frìzzante, reveals a premium, sophisticated new look and easy-open cap, offering its ‘Glow Getters’ squad a new manicure-friendly, easy-open cap that is designed with the glamorous and independent lifestyle of the Bernini woman in mind. With a bold, yet feminine new shape and delicate embossing, the beautiful new-look Bernini bottle has been expertly designed to accentuate the sparkle and glow within. ‘’Our Glow Getters are always finding new ways to glow up in their lives and show us how it’s done – so naturally we had to dial up the glow ourselves,’’ says Bernini marketing manager Tania Kotze. Bernini is a grape-based, ready-to-drink alcoholic brand produced in South Africa. The premium RTD range is currently available in three variants: Classic, Blush and Amber.

CAMPAIGN: Surf’s up with Vans

Vans Surf presents their latest film, Cadavre Exquisa compilation of art, music and film that came together in 2020 amongst a group of friends and fellow Vans Surf family members at a time when the world was on pause. The French term Cadavre Exquis, meaning “Exquisite Corpse”, is a method of collectively sourcing and assembling words or images from a group of collaborators, with each adding to the composition in sequence while only allowed to see the end of what the previous person contributed. The resulting film, which premiered November 10, 2021, is a true reflection of its title, providing an outlet for all involved to find creative ways to come together and express themselves during the days spent in isolation.


Main image credit: Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash.


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