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#OnShelf: From an affordable chocolate to creating youth jobs

by Louise Burgers. The health and sustainability theme continues this week with the new product and campaign launches.

by Louise Burgers. The health and sustainability theme continues this week with the new product and campaign launches.

Local chocolate takes on international brands at half the price

Richester Foods has launched Coco Bongo, a 100% locally made chocolate on sale for less than half the price of competing international brands. The result of a R20 million investment in new chocolate manufacturing facilities near Pretoria, Coco Bongo first sweetened the shelves nationwide in January this year. Developed in consultation with international chocolate masters from Switzerland; and extensive research and development into flavour, taste and texture, Coco Bongo was created featuring a smooth milk chocolate with a creamy centre. The R2.50 price tag has resulted in sales of over half a million Coco Bongo bars in four months. Richester Foods MD, Dr Hussein Cassim, explained the strategy: “With rising costs of living, we noticed a widening gap in the market for good quality chocolates at affordable prices – especially as overseas companies continue leveraging the power of their brands to charge exorbitant prices for quicker returns on investment. By contrast, our motto is to serve customers the best quality products possible, at affordable prices, and build our brands over time.” As a sweet manufacturer, Richester Foods largely serves distributors, wholesalers, and resellers; and Cassim notes that the R2.50 price tag incorporates added value and profits for businesses, spaza shops or small vendors selling to consumers.

Nestlé Everyday tackles micronutrient deficiencies

Nestlé East and Southern African Region (ESAR), have launched Nestlé Everyday, an affordable, medium fat dairy powder product aimed at supporting the whole family in the fight against micronutrient deficiencies. Micronutrients account for approximately 7% of the global disease burden, and they play a key role in the growth and development of the whole family. A lack of micronutrients, also known as hidden hunger, can lead to poor growth, sub-optimal brain development, and increased risk in contracting infectious diseases for the whole family. In South Africa, studies have shown that adults are prone to zinc deficiency and that one in five children are stunted, therefore, addressing hidden hunger is a crucial step in the health and wellness of the whole family. The new product is enhanced with locally sourced ingredients containing Calcium, Iron, Vitamins, and Zinc, to help build and strengthen immunity for the whole family. It is best consumed in the morning, one glass a day will make a meaningful difference to the whole family’s health and immunity. “The COVID–19 outbreak emphasised the importance of strong immunity to help our bodies fight against infectious diseases. The economic impact of the pandemic for many families in emerging economies further hamstrung access to nutritious food to build immunity. Therefore, we locally manufactured Nestlé Everyday in South Africa, and we were intent on delivering an affordable product that suits all budgets and is easily available from both supermarket chains and spaza shops. We are proud that the product also delivers exceptionally on taste, ensuring a delicious experience for the whole family,” says Takudzwa Mupfurutsa, business executive officer: dairy at Nestlé ESAR.

Philip Morris launches IQOS 3 DUO

Philip Morris has introduced a limited-edition version of the IQOS 3 DUO smoke-free tobacco heating system, now available in South Africa. The IQOS 3 DUO is the most advanced of the tobacco heating systems in South Africa, and provides adult smokers a scientifically substantiated smoke-free product that is promoted as a better choice than continuing to smoke cigarettes. The latest limited release offers a sophisticated signature look with a turquoise hue, flecked with a constellation of colours supposed to symbolise, “beauty of diversity, individuality and raw authenticity”. Quite an ask of a product that has no use other than recreational. Rishaad Hajee, director of corporate communications at Philip Morris South Africa, explains that on average, the product has 95% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to the smoke of a cigarette.

CAMPAIGN: Bacardi brings Shake Your Future to SA

Bacardi, the largest privately held spirits company in the world, is bringing Shake Your Future, its free, professional bartender training programme for disadvantaged young adults to South Africa for the first-time. Participants of the programme will receive training to develop a career in the art of bartending and mixology; as well as valuable work experience in some of the industry’s top bars and restaurants. The South Africa launch marks a milestone in the ongoing expansion the programme, which originally launched in 2018. To date, Shake Your Future has trained young adults in France, Spain, and Italy – and 80% of graduates have secured successful careers in the hospitality industry. The programme kicked off this week with 20 aspiring bartenders, 10 in Gauteng and 10 in the Western Cape; with plans in place for future programme rollouts in the coming months. “Shake Your Future allows us to give back and support the needs of bar owners searching for talented bartending staff by introducing new, exciting talent for the future,” says Yeshene Singh, country manager for Bacardi in South Africa. Bacardi partnered with Managed People Solutions (MPS) and Thirst Bar Services in SA on candidate and programme selection. Graduates will receive a globally recognised certification with Wine and Spirit Education Trust Level 1 accreditation, which will afford them career opportunities in the hospitality industry and beyond.


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