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How consumers are feeling – happy or unhappy – impacts directly on how they shop and interact with brands, according to the latest Bateleur Vantage Point consumer research survey from Bateleur Brand Planning.

South Africans have fears about quality of life, government delivery, poverty, money matters, health, body and mind, education, pandemics, persecution, possible apocalypse, purpose in life, relationships, personal competency and technology. This all impacts on how they shop and interact with brands.

The latest findings from the Bateleur Vantage Point Survey, Fears & Fantasies White Paper, published exclusively by Bateleur Brand Planning in partnership with Retailing Africa in our LIBRARY of retail reports is now available free to download. In the ebook, Fears & Fantasies, the Bateleur research-based paper explores South African fears and fantasies and correlates these with varying degrees of happiness or unhappiness.

Fantasies explored include family support, escapism, compassion, financial independence, self-actualisation, altruism, health and well-being, monopolism and creativity. Fears in the limelight include rising living costs, crime and violence, load shedding and corruption. Unemployment, financial instability and financial duress also emerge as key fears. These are unpacked and examined in detail in the report.

“The paper shows unhappiness is inextricably linked to excessive fears relating to a lack of purpose in life, physical appearance, mental health, money matters and relationships. Fantasies that strongly prevail include being financially secure, with a particular accent on providing properly for one’s family. Travelling the world, winning the lottery and living without regrets or worry, also rank high on the fantasy list,” explains Gordon Hooper, founder and Managing Director of Bateleur Brand Planning.

The paper hypothesises that happiness is linked to selflessness and, conversely, unhappiness to selfishness, and discusses how to apply these theories of fears and fantasies to brand management and employee engagement.

“People fantasise about a world where people are kinder to one another, along with altruistic fantasies of community support and mentorship. The paper shows that unhappiness is strongly linked to fantasies of monopolism and materialism; whilst happiness is founded in fantasies of altruism, compassion and self-actualisation,” says Hooper.


eBOOK: For more on the solutions and opportunities for retailers and brands in the Fears & Fantasies Bateleur Vantage Point survey, read the eBook – free to download.



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