Staycold is a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration with a global presence, dedicated to supporting the needs of leading food and beverage brands. We are specialists in display cooling and freezing. Now part of the UNI Group, we share a combined turnover of $160m and we are one of the leading industrial groups within our sector in Africa.

Recognised as an innovator, we have a team approach to working with our customers so as to ensure that we achieve their goals. Our brand values encompass technical excellence, class leading refrigeration performance and leadership in relation to energy saving design.

The business began in 1979 in Parys, South Africa, where our home base factory is still located. Staycold’s factory is modern, safe and well laid out with excellent working conditions and productivity. We export our products to markets as diverse as Scandinavia and Australia, as well as Europe and other African nations. In 1998, an Export office was established in Chester, United Kingdom, to manage global brand relationships and to spearhead export growth.

This business evolved to such an extent that the decision was made to build an office with complete warehousing and refurbishing capabilities in Wales. Their new premises will be officially opened during the latter part of 2020.

News & Stories

STAYCOLD’s Safety Standards Compliance
14 July 2022
Staycold International, a South African manufacturer of self-contained commercial fridges and freezers, ensure that all units they manufacture are tested and fully comply with stri...
STAYCOLD Coolers Offer 33% Energy Savings
2 March 2022
Staycold International offer supermarket and restaurant owners energy efficient self-contained commercial fridges and freezers to save on their monthly electricity bills. This goes...
STAYCOLD Launches Fast Lane Cooler
27 January 2022
Staycold International have just launched their new fast lane cooler, bought about primarily at the request of retailers, who were looking for a Staycold designed cooler to use in ...
Staycold’s Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions
24 June 2021
Staycold International have just been acknowledged and included in the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) publication: The Pathway to Net-Zero Cooling Product Li...

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1 Kakie Strachan RoadStaycold International Pty Ltd.Parys9585

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PO Box 258Parys9585

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