IP 101 for advertising and marketing professionals

Book now for an IP webinar with attorneys Spoor & Fisher to gain a basic understanding of intellectual property in creating value for brand teams, agencies and your clients.

A basic understanding of intellectual property (IP) goes a long way in creating significant value for brand teams, agencies and their clients. Spoor & Fisher’s upcoming IP 101 webinar (Part 1 of 3) on 12 August 2021, in partnership with Retailing Africa, will provide an accessible and high-level overview of the different forms of IP. Importantly, it will also identify key must-knows for every marketing professional and agency, when creating, designing or contracting.

The law firm will deal with the crucial role of marketing professionals and advertising agencies in ensuring that their companies and clients take the first step in “future-proofing” trade marks (for example, logos, product names or brand names). After all, these are critical to potential investors or partners; and ultimately add value to a company or client’s bottom line.

Trade marks, copyright, designs, and patents got you bamboozled? Don’t worry, the webinar will ensure that you’re covered. You’ll also be able to identify different forms of intellectual property – as well as the most valuable elements in your creative initiatives.

Creating a successful advertising campaign often requires significant investments when it comes to time and money. In practice, as you know, there may be “free-riders” on your creative executions, skills and efforts – Spoor & Fisher will share strategies to best protect these, plus top tips to ensure that brands and agencies don’t step on others’ toes throughout their creative processes.






To book for this free webinar on intellectual property at 11am on 12 August 2021: IP 101: What every advertising and marketing professional should know about Intellectual Property Law (Part 1), click here.



Main image credit: Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash.

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