WEBINAR: Legislation, the ARB & voluntary self-regulation

How do you keep your advertising fresh, relevant and compliant? Book now, with attorneys Spoor & Fisher.

In the final free webinar in Spoor & Fisher’s IP 101 for advertising and marketing professionals series, in partnership with Retailing Africa, the legal experts will look at, ‘How do you keep your advertising fresh and relevant on the one hand, and compliant on the other?’

Legal requirements

There’s an array of legal requirements applicable to advertising in South Africa. How can agencies, marketers, creatives and clients navigate and adhere to these, while retaining the creative edge?

In the final installment of the three-part webinar series from South Africa’s leading specialist IP law firm, Spoor & Fisher, attorneys John Foster and Natalie Slabbert invite you to join them for a plain language look at the legislative requirements, as well as the principles of the Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB); and other voluntary self-regulation principles that govern specific industries.

Do’s and Don’ts

The webinar will cover both dos and don’ts and real-life examples; and include a short Q&A session so the industry can have their challenges addressed.


To book for this free webinar on, IP 101 for advertising and marketing professionals, Part 3:  Legislation, the ARB and voluntary self-regulation, at 11am, on 11 November 2021, click here.



Main image credit: Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash.


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